what vicron is all about

Therapy optimisation for doctors & patients in real-time

vicron strives for excellence in medical expertise for proprietary algorithms, data analytics and neural networks.

Our Decision Support System is designed to empower doctors for expedient and fast data analytics to make better treatment decisions for patients in hospitals.

To ensure data integrity, vicron smoothly integrates with EHRs and uses decentralised data management processes.

Services currently under development

our mission

vicron aims at enhancing the quality and efficiency of patient care

released resources for doctors

vicron provides treatment analytics and automated documentation of outcomes to optimise the utilisation of medical resources

smoother transition for patients

vicron reduces complications and facilitates the transition to post-hospital care to save costs for hospitals and the healthcare system

personalised medicine

vicron delivers personalised medicine to enhance therapy efficiency and to reduce medication errors

Services currently under development


our data analytics empower users

We want to create better medical care for people. Contact us anytime to discuss and share thoughts to improve patient care and to achieve better health.

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Services currently under development


Decision support platform for doctors and their patients

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  • Algorithms and analytics to recommend adjustments of therapy and to spot complications
  • Alerts on potential complications
  • Information exchange and communication in real-time
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  • Warnings for deviation from therapy targets
  • Recommendations for therapy adherence
  • Information exchange and communication in real-time

Services currently under development

our services

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mobile apps for doctors and their patients

  • Holistic approach to patient treatment analytics to enable better decision making by doctors and their patients
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artificial intelligence & healthcare research

  • Proprietary algorithms and knowledge model based on medical guidelines to provide recommendations and warnings
  • Provision of anonymised information on treatment pathways and use of healthcare resources

business and medical consulting

  • Analysis of organizational and technical hospital processes to optimize integration of decision support systems
  • Medico-economical analyses to optimize endpoint studies for medical device reimbursement

Services currently under development